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Add a link to your official link @

Created on 18 November, 2023Bio Link Tool

Adding a link or a web page to the official link directory is simple, with no-code and low-code options.

Add links by using the "Link" Block

Adding a link to a website, blog, social media profile, or specific web page with an official link is easy. To add a link to the bio link pages in the official link directory, you will have to sign up for an account, log in to your account, head to the dashboard, look for the  "create link" button, choose the link type, and start adding "blocks" to your link page.      A "link" block is an option to link a web page or a link page.

Add links by using custom HTML code.

Another way to link a website, blog, social media profile link, or any specific important link related to your personal blog or business website is using HTML coding. Use the "Custom HTML" block to add links and pages to the official link directory.