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Honouring the Brand Name's

Created on 1 January, 2024 • 2 minutes read

Crafting a Comprehensive Directory: Honoring Top Brands at

At ',' our mission is to build a comprehensive and respectful directory that celebrates the diversity and impact of businesses and brands across the digital landscape. As part of this initiative, we're reserving the top brand names within our links directory to provide informative and respectful representations while safeguarding these businesses' identities.

We've initiated this process by securing the initial URL '' as a proactive step to hold these crucial link names. Our ultimate goal extends beyond reservation; we're dedicated to creating a streamlined process for businesses to claim their respective links and pages within our directory.

From prominent tech giants to influential entities spanning diverse industries, our aim is to encompass a wide array of top websites, reflecting their significance in the online sphere. Our focus remains on ensuring that these businesses' identities are respected and preserved within our platform.

We've not yet designed a claiming function that allows businesses to rightfully stake their claim. As of the beginning of 2024, we have reserved the link page's name with respect, keeping the name secure with us. We will soon release something like a function to claim a link page directly from the link page itself.

We recognize the importance of protecting and respecting these business and brand identities. Therefore, we're committed to holding these link page names at ',' acting as custodians until businesses approach us to claim their rightful space.

Our mission is centered on fostering an environment of authenticity and recognition for these businesses, acknowledging their pivotal roles in shaping the digital realm.

We invite collaboration from our community, seeking suggestions and insights to ensure our directory is inclusive and reflective of the diverse array of influential entities that define the online landscape.

Beginning with Google 

Today marks a significant milestone for us as we celebrate reaching 7,000 links within our directory. Our journey began with the creation of brand name links in the new year 2024, such as ',' setting the stage to represent and honor businesses and brands across the digital sphere. This initial step paved the way for our vision to encapsulate the essence of diverse entities within the online world.

Join us on this journey to create a directory that honors, protects, and celebrates the diverse tapestry of brands that contribute significantly to the digital era.