Created on 28 September, 2022Welcome to the beta family • 1 minutes read

Welcome to the Beta, create bio link pages, custom landing pages and more with no code and low code options.

Hello, there!

Welcome to the official link directory, today we are launching the web in beta to test links and pages at

With the official link directory, a user can create bio links for their social and business-related belongings.

We are creating an easy and simple tool to manage links and blocks on biolink pages.

Below is an example "bio" link page.

Have a look at the example official link to see how it appears to others.

What types of blocks are there to get attached?

Let us know more about blocks.

Blocks are the features and functions that can be added in a few clicks by simply adding blocks to the link pages with official links that a user has created or is creating during the creation of a link.

  • Avatar - A profile pic or a brand image on top (Avatar)

  • or, start with a Heading, add a heading block choose from h1 to h6. (Heading)

  • Add a summary about that heading, align the text in the centre, left or right by choosing (paragraph) Block.

  • Add external links, such as your website, a Youtube video link, add a Spotify Song / Album,  TikTok Video URL, add a Sound-cloud song, add a Twitch video and more with the (Link) Block.

  • Add social media links, such as a Facebook fan page, Instagram account link, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Youtube channel link, there are many other popular social networks to link with bio link pages with (Socials) block.

  • Embed a YouTube video or complete channel.

  • Collect email signups, for future updates on your product and services.

  • Receive payments or donations through Paypal, simply add your email address and Paypal API keys to activate the block.

  • Add product and services.

  • Add- FAQ about your product and services.

  • Add an image slider block.

  • Add a review/testimonial block.

  • Custom HTML block, gives the power of coding and designing at own.

  • Embed Tweet, Instagram Media, Facebook post and more.

  • Add a call to action button.

  • Add, countdown timer.

  • Upload Images, Videos, and audio.

  • Setup SEO, Title, description, met keywords for the link pages inside.

Everything happens with [+Add Block]

Do more with official link directory

Below is the link to the home page.