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Google Adsense Privacy Policy

Created on 26 January, 2024Legal Terms • 1 minutes read

Your Ad Experience Defined: Learn about Google AdSense and how it shapes advertising on

Google Adsense Privacy Policy

  • Google AdSense at Discover how advertising operates on our website. This policy outlines data collection and user privacy safeguards. 
  • Your Ad Experience Defined: Learn about Google AdSense and how it shapes advertising on official.Link. See how we prioritize user privacy and responsible ad practices.

How do we use cookies and third-party services for advertising?

We partner with Google AdSense to display relevant advertisements on our website.
To enable this, we and Google may use cookies and other data collection technologies to gather information about your website visits, such as pages viewed, browsing patterns, and general demographic data.

This information is used to personalize ads you see on our website and across the internet, making them more relevant to your interests.

We understand the importance of your privacy and want to be transparent about how we use cookies and third-party services like Google AdSense.
You can find more information about Google AdSense's use of cookies and data collection practices in their Privacy Policy:

Your Right To The Policy, OPT-Out of personalised ads

You have the right to control how your data is collected and used for advertising purposes.
You can manage your ad preferences and opt-out of personalized ads through Google's Ads Settings: