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Created on 11 February, 2023 • 2 minutes read

Bio link with is about creating a bio link page as private or public to view as link-tabs, or a custom coded page.

Starting with something

Starting with something is a phrase that is about the stats chart that came to mind for writing a blog for the data statistics that we receive on the internet for every click that happens online for something to view or to track the process happening online at the current situation that a brain has deduced while viewing the statistics of a click, recorded as stats online or offline, with a track record of the passed seconds.


The official link to BioLink

What are "bio link" pages with

The link pages with no code and low code options are the bio link pages.


Dashboard Insights from

Dashboard insights are data statistics that can be seen as a growth chart for a link page.

They include clicks, the country from which the click came, and the device used to view the link, including cities, languages, and more.

It's essentially the overall experience of a network as seen over the internet as part of a view, a view visible with the most recent block-post of a block created with us by adding [+ Blocks].


Some statistics of your links, such as clicks, visits, or traction, can be analysed with analytics to show us the stats of our website for all the link pages and website conversion tracking for the time spent on the link pages, which you can configure yourself by adding Google Pixels for your link page to know more stats with a separate Google Analytics dashboard, but Google Analytics may not show you the referrers of the click, such as the website from which your personal link received the click.


Data statistics are all about the data collected from the internet world and shared with us on our public directory, which can be accessed by going to ""

The project's mission is "us for official link directories," and it aims to create a public and private directory for everyone.


What was once public is now private with a password protection block that can be added under the settings of a link page by clicking on "password protected." In the past, there have been bio link pages created.


Meta Keywords: A link page can add meta keywords to their link pages to add more information to the search engine about a link page.


This blog post will continue with more information on link pages in an updated version.

You can return to see what we've added and what else can be done as features or functions for your link pages.